About Us

Business History

Grandchain Ltd.Grandchain Ltd has been a transformer manufacturer for over 30 years and has acquired an excellent reputation for the quality of its wound products and high level of customer service.

It incorporates the design expertise of Transformer Technology and Ripley Transformers and offers customers a wide range of wound products which can be designed by us to meet your particular specifications, or can be made to your own specification or design.

Manufacturing Facilities

Over the years, we have built up an extensive range of equipment from simple hand winders to high speed, multi-head, computer controlled machines.
We also have facilities for encapsulation processes both under vacuum and without.

Manufacturing Capability

We are able to manufacture both linear and toroidal transformers and chokes, these can vary from simple hand-wound devices to multi-wound devices.

  • We offer a prototype service and can produce small batch of samples for your evaluation.
  • We offer high volume capabilities.
  • We have a well trained, highly skilled manufacturing team, all of our product are made in our own factory in Ringmer (we do not outsource to the Far East!)

Product Quality

We are dedicated to providing our customers with a quality service and products.

We operate a Quality System which includes 100% test and inspection.

Our Quality System has been developed to comply with ISO 9001-2000.

Customer Commitment

Over the years, Grandchain Ltd has committed itself to developing its design expertise and to offering its customers high quality products and service.

If you have a requirement for any wound product, however small or unique, please contact us via the details on this site.

We look forward to hearing from you.