Design & Manufacture of Transformers in the UK

As Grandchain Ltd we incorporate Transformer Technology and Ripley Transformers who have been supplying custom made wound components to the Electronics Industry for over 30 years.

Grandchain Ltd have a wide experience in all types of wound products from Miniature Toroids to Power Transformers, Chokes and Air Coils.

Laminated (Silicon & Nickel), C & E Cores, Ferrites, Self Support Coils are all covered in our product range.

We offer a prototype service leading to larger production runs as required.

All our products are fully tested and manufactured to the highest standard.

Over the years, we have built up an extensive range of equipment from simple hand winders to high speed, multi-head, computer controlled machines. We also have facilities for encapsulation processes both under vacuum and without. If you have a requirement for any wound product, however small or unusual please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are proud to be able to offer you wound components of both conventional and toroidal transformers, which can vary from simple hand-wound coils to multi-wound devices. We do not have a standard range of products, as we build our products to customer’s specifications and drawings. However in very general terms our product base includes the following:

  • Chokes
  • Mains transformers
  • Unicoils
  • Loading coils
  • Filters (particularly for EMC suppression)
  • Data transfer transformers
  • Switched mode power supply transformers
  • Pulse transformers
  • Current transformers
  • Specialist coils of all different types
  • Transducer coils
  • Self support coils
  • Rod cores

Grandchain Ltd are manufacturers of these products and we offer them to businesses around the UK, Europe and the world. We are chosen by a great many companies for our commitment to detail and our precision processes. In our field we hold expertise and excellence at their highest. We are dedicated to quality, both of product and of service.

We operate a quality system that includes 100% test and inspection of all major factors on every component we manufacture. We have developed our quality system to meet ISO9001-2000. So if you are looking for products such as ours do not hesitate to get in touch.


We have been working with Grandchain for almost two decades and always felt their work and service exemplary. Deep knowledge, good advice and excellent supportive service. We’d have no hesitation to recommend Grandchain to other manufacturing companies.
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